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Anyone who is interested in working at poll locations on election day must complete an application form with the Board of Elections and Registration office. On election day, poll workers must work from 6:00AM until all paper work is complete after the polls close at 7:00PM. Poll Worker is a paid position, not a volunteer job. Additionally, we employ managers, assistant managers, express poll workers, clerks and other additional help for the office forty-five days before a scheduled election. If you are interested in a pole worker or other position, please visit our office and complete an employment application.

Poll Locations

After you register to vote, the Board of Elections and Registration office mails a voter precinct card to you. This card indicates your poll location name and address.

Poll locations are open from 7:00AM until 7:00PM on an election day.

You are required to present a photo identification to vote on election day or when you participate in the early or advance voting period.

County, State and Federal Elections

District 1

City Auditorium

District 2A

Memorial Stadium

District 2B

River of Life Church


Sweat Memorial Baptist Church


Emerson Park Baptist Church


Second Baptist Church


Bickley United Methodist Church


Haywood Baptist Church


Jamestown Baptist Church


Manor Community Center


Millwood Baptist Church


Waresboro Church of God

Absentee & Advanced Voting

Board of Elections
408 Tebeau Street

Municipal (City) Elections Only

District 1

Board of Education

District 2

City Auditorium

District 3

First Baptist Church

District 4

Memorial Stadium

District 5

Riverside Fire Station

Absentee & Advanced Voting

Board of Elections
408 Tebeau Street