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Proposed 2014 SPLOST Projects & Related Informative Material

Date: 10/15/2013
Origin: Ware County Management

On November 5th, 2013, the citizens of Ware County will be asked to vote on a Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax (SPLOST) referendum. The SPLOST will be collected as one penny for every dollar of sales in Ware County. Estimates indicate that 42% of $45,000,000 in SPLOST revenues come (FROM OUT OF COUNTY RESIDENTS) whichwould amount to: $18,900,000. Collecting funds from sales tax is a fair way to collect from those who use our community’s resources but do not live in Ware County. SPLOST helps keep property taxes stable in our community (Ware County lowered from 16.549 to 15.8 mills in FY13). While funds for capital projects and investments would otherwise be raisedthrough taxes on property, SPLOST enables governments to collect funds from all citizens and visitors who utilize roads and services provided by Waycross and Ware County governments through a tax on sales, reducing the burden on LOCAL property owners. For further details, see our educational Proposed 2014 SPLOST Projects Flyer and this SPLOST Slide Presentation.