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Resource for Finding Accredited Online Colleges and Degree Programs Added to Webiste

Date: 3/31/2014
Author: Elizabeth Turner

"Fortunately, with the rise of the internet, online education is developing into a fundamental part of the education system. This has in a way leveled the education playing field allowing anyone, regardless of background or situation, the opportunity to continue pursuing a college degree at a rate that best suits their needs. There is a growing trend among top colleges and universities now incorporating online options into their curriculum. However, in the past when students try to research these opportunities, information is fragmented and not easily accessible. With this in mind, over the past couple of years my team and I have worked to research, catalogue, and publish a database of every online program offered by an accredited college starting with the United States. Our database is a thorough list of institutions and degree programs, with in-depth information including the specific accreditations of each institution."

Please follow the links given within the Education Resources page under Residents on this website to make use of this valuable resource.