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Waycross-Ware County 2031 Comprehensive Plan Update & Survey

Date: 1/4/2011
Author: Julia Shewchuk, AICP
Planning Director
Origin: Southern Georgia Regional Commission

Local Governments in Georgia are required to submit comprehensive plans to Georgia Department of Community Affairs (DCA) every ten years. The Joint Ware County 2031 Comprehensive Plan will meet the planning requirements of Ware County and the City of Waycross. It will plan for a period of time up until the year 2031.

A Comprehensive plan is the result of a community-based planning process that draws on the general public, stakeholders, and experts. Wise planning ensures that future development will take place in a manner compatible with the best interests of the community.

The Southern Georgia Regional Commission, the City of Waycross and Ware County Commissioners, and local and regional planning staff need your input to help update the Ware County and Waycross Comprehensive Plan, 2031.

In 2010, our community's past growth and development trends were analyzed by the regional planners for review by the local Stakeholders Committee. A list of "Issues and Opportunities" were prepared for each of the following community components:

  • Population
  • Economic Development
  • Housing
  • Cultural and Historical Resources
  • Natural Resources
  • Land Use
  • Community Facilities and Services
  • Transportation
  • Intergovernmental Coordination

You may participate in a survey by ranking the proposed issues and opportunities in our county using the following document: Ware County/City of Waycross Comprehensive Plan Survey. Note that to e-mail this document, use the E-Mail function under the File menu in Acrobat Reader.

For general information regarding this planning process and for schedule information, please visit